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How We Use Drones

At Lowry Engineering, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest technologies and instruments to obtain the best data possible. Drones—also referred to as UAV’s or UAS’s which are small, unmanned aircraft piloted by remote control—have been exploding onto the scene in both the private and commercial districts. Our drone pilots hold an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate, allowing all drone data to be distributed for commercial use, and as a result there are some distinct advantages in how Lowry Engineering can use drone technologies.

There are three main phases for which Lowry Engineering uses drones:

Surveying Phase

Every project is only as good as the data imported at the beginning of the design. The improvements in photogrammetry along with the affordability of drones and high-resolution cameras have now made it feasible for land surveyors to supplement field data with accurate elevation models processed by the data captured during drone flights. Another benefit of photogrammetry is an up-to-date, geolocated image. Of course the need for boots-on-the-ground gathered data will most likely never be replaced, but we now have another tool to add to the box.

Construction Phase

The construction phase is the core of civil engineering. Every designer in a civil engineering firm takes pride in seeing their design being built, and ultimately they want them to be constructed to the best of standards. Construction inspection is the attempt to aid in verifying that projects are being constructed to the desired standards. Drones support this work by providing us with video and photo documentation from a bird’s eye view of the entire sight.

Marketing Phase

Marketing is an important aspect of any business or entity. Lowry Engineering has been using drones to gather images and video for our clients to market their property in a very dynamic way. High-resolution photos and videos taken from the sky provide a unique perspective to highlight the properties’ best features. As well, 360° tours allow potential buyers and investors to put on their walking boots without leaving their chair.

Lowry Engineering’s goal is to deliver a product that provides the greatest success for you. Using drone technology gives us another tool to help make that goal possible. We take great pride in the quality of the product we deliver, and we like to say, “The sky’s the limit!”.