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Lakeview Subdivision - Horace, ND

Lakeview Subdivisions is a 115-acres muti-phase subdivision in Horace, North Dakota.  This subdivision is less than a mile from new Horace high school and features 88 residential lots, multiple commercial and mixed-used lots, and 20 acres dedicated to the development of a new religious gathering place and related school.  Lowry Engineering worked with the developers of this property and the City of Horace to develop a master subdivision plan that will benefit all current and future residents of Horace as well as provide appealing space for prospective businesses in the greater Fargo-Moorhead area. Central parks with numerous outdoor activities connected to roadways, sidewalk, and multi-use paths were designed for this subdivision to interconnect Lakeview Subdivision with other portions of the community.  Municipal water and sanitary mains, individual utility services, and storm sewer facilities were also part of this design.  A major component of the design of Lakeview Subdivision is the interconnection of three separate water amenities within the subdivision.  A recreation pond will be featured in the south portion of the subdivision, and will be designed during a later phase, with a stormwater retention pond and a babbling brook in the central and north end of this site.  All three water features will be interconnected and will feed into the existing stormwater system of the city of Horace.  This project was publicly bid according to the ND Century Code and Lowry Engineering worked with the developers and the City of Horace on bid administration and assessments upon completion of the construction of this subdivision.