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Miller Insulation - Fargo, ND

As the civil design consultant, we worked along side DietrichConstruction, Foss Architecture + Interiors, and Sandman Structural Engineers to accurately portray the future building and footprints for Miller Insulation located on a 10.2 acre site. Lowry Engineering provided topographic and legal survey of the existing site, the adjacent pond, and gathered information on the existing utilities. The site layout was designed to ensure all city parking, building setback, landscaping, and land usage requirements were met.

Lowry Engineering also conducted the design of the grading/drainage plan, water & sanitary services, erosion control plan, and the stormwater conveyance system that will remove stormwater runoff from the site and convey it to the northwest to an existing city-owned stormwater retention pond. The stormwater system was designed to receive stormwater runoff from the site adjacent to the east. This will allow the adjacent site to reduce construction costs associated with a large conveyance system that will only serve this property.

To ensure the success of this project, we coordinated with Magellan Midstream Partners to avoid possible damage to a substantial gas pipeline that passed through the site. Damage to this pipeline during construction would have resulted in substantial safety concerns to the construction crew and others in the area and possibly significant monetary losses. Everything went as planned and the building was completed Summer 2020.