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NDDOT Slide Repair - Valley City, ND

slide repair on ND Hwy 46 near Enderlin, ND

Lowry Engineering performed the construction inspection and administration on ND Hwy 46 near the Sheyenne River crossing west of Enderlin, ND. The project consisted of mass grading to provide a more gradual slope on the north and south sides of the road and installation of new 42” storm sewer. Approximately 69,000 cubic yards of soil was hauled off site. Gowan Construction out of Oslo, ND was the prime contractor who worked with a few subcontractors to complete the job quickly and within budget. During construction, a natural spring was discovered while excavating. To eliminate the wet area, ± 200 linear feet of drain tile was installed and tied into the new storm sewer to relieve this water and prevent soil collapses in the future. In addition to inspecting the day-to-day activities of the contractor, Lowry Engineering staff recorded inspection diaries, quantities, and generated pay estimates; reviewed the contractor’s payroll and materials certifications; and maintained contact with the NDDOT on the progress of the project.