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NDDOT Chip Seal - Gwinner, ND

chip seal application near Gwinner, ND

Lowry Engineering was hired to perform construction inspection on two NDDOT chip seal projects near Gwinner, ND. Combined, the two projects spanned over 40 miles. Both projects consisted of pavement marking obliteration, fog sealing of the shoulders, and chip seal followed by the reapplication of permanent pavement marking. The intent of the chip seal was to preserve the pavement surface and prolong the need for a full roadway reconstruction. During a chip seal, a thin layer of oil is sprayed down on the existing asphalt roadway followed by the spreading and compacting of small rocks into the oil. Morris Sealcoat and Trucking out of Morris, MN was the prime contractor on these projects, and they worked with a few different subcontractors to get the job completed quickly and within budget. In addition to inspecting the day-to-day activities of the contractor, Lowry Engineering staff kept all project documentation such as inspection diaries, quantities, pay estimates, and materials certifications.