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New Bismarck Subdivision

Paradise Valley is a 225-acre multi-phase subdivision located on the south side of Bismarck, ND. This development includes commercial, multi-family residential, two-family residential, single-family residential, and public uses. Lowry Engineering worked with the City of Bismarck and the developers to create a master plan for the entire property.  Other services provided include topographic and boundary survey, master planning, preliminary and final plat preparation, civil design, and construction admin. At this time, a plat including 165 acres of the master plan has been approved. Mass grading of the entire property took place during the 2022 construction season and is mostly complete. The civil design for phase 1 of paving and utilities is in the works and includes municipal sanitary and water mains, sanitary and water services, storm sewer, and sanitary and storm lift stations. Both lift stations are designed to serve the full 225-acre master plan.

 A major component of the design for Paradise Valley is the stormwater system. The pond will be a wet pond and is intended to be an amenity for the lot owners that surround it. Challenges faced during design include:

  • A large amount of earthwork required to bring this property out of the floodplain.
  • Worked with the City of Bismarck on where the pond could be located in proximity to airport
  • High groundwater elevations.
  • Directing stormwater the opposite direction of historic flow paths to alleviate existing drainage issues in the area.
  • Additional stormwater storage requirements set by the City of Bismarck due to the stormwater from the Paradise Valley pond being pumped to an existing forcemain.

 Estimate Cost of Construction: $22,500,000