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Lowry Engineering Pays it Forward

2022 marks the second year of Lowry Engineering’s Pay it Forward program. Each employee received $1,000 to give to an individual, family, or organization in need. Some employees split up their funds so they could support two organizations. We are glad we have the ability to help out around the community. Below are the organizations that received our Pay it Forward donations:

   ·   MN Strong – “MN Strong is committed to this community through passion projects helping those in need in order to break down the walls that divide us. Making KINDNESS what is COOL will promote mental wellness, save lives, and connect our society.” Visit www.mnstrongmoorhead.com

   ·   Gateway to Science – This is North Dakota’s hands-on science center. Their mission is to inspire the discovery of science through hands-on experiences by igniting a passion for STEM in students of all ages. Visit https://gatewaytoscience.org/

   ·   GiGi’s Playhouse – A great organization that changes the way the world views Down Syndrome. They are able to EMPOWER families by maximizing opportunities for daily accomplishments with free programs through their campaigns.  Visit https://gigisplayhouse.org/

   ·   Special Olympics – Their approach is to deliver training and competition through Unified Sports, which allows people with disabilities to play on the same field. From children to adults, Special Olympics helps find joy and friendship in the community. Visit www.specialolympics.org

   ·   West Fargo Public Schools – One of West Fargo’s elementary schools was gifted a beep baseball, beep soccer balls, and beep kickball equipment for blind students to use during gym class. Goggles were also provided that are blacked out so other students can experience some of the challenges their blind classmates face.

   ·   Serenity Place – Serenity Place provides a safe and comfortable environment for addiction recovery. They are a nonprofit organization located in Bismarck, ND currently serving 600-700 people who are mostly recovering alcoholics by providing 20 meetings per week. Visit www.serenityplacebismarck.org

   ·   First Link – Serving all of North Dakota and parts of Minnesota, First Link offers 24/7 confidential services for listening and support, referrals to resources/help, and crisis intervention. They also provide a care and support program that is intended for individuals who have experienced a crisis and are looking for treatment. Visit www.myfirstlink.org

   ·   Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation – This foundation was established in 2015 by Brady’s loved ones to help stop the ignorance of PTSD. The foundation works hard to inform the public, especially families about the signs, effects and how to help PTSD. Visit www.bradyoberglegacyfoundation.org

   ·   Down Home - For 5 years now, Down Home has worked towards furnishing homes for families and individuals emerging from homelessness. The organization does this by providing mattresses, bed frames, pillows, sheets, couches, lights, pictures, etc. Down Home has blessed many families around our community. Visit www.down-home.org

   ·   F5 Project – The F5 Project helps the formerly incarcerated, those suffering from addiction, and veterans find housing and jobs across North Dakota. They also provide peer support, transportation, and cell phones for those getting back on their feet. Visit www.f5project.org

   ·   Mandan Schools Foundation – The Mandan School Foundation for Education was formed in 2010 and is a nonprofit organization that donates scholarships to students and teachers in the Mandan School District to help with college, instruments, supplies, etc. Visit www.mandanschoolsfoundation.org

   ·   Good Samaritan Society – The Good Samaritan Society in Arthur, ND is an assisted living facility with trained health care professionals to help loved ones live life to their fullest. They promote socializing with friends and neighbors, trying out new activities, or simply enjoying time to yourself. Visit www.good-sam.com

   ·   Make-A-Wish – A wish begins with Hope and the Hope began with us with our donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Helping a child during a hard time can give them more strength to fight harder against their illness. The foundation is driven to make all children’s wishes come true. Visit www.wish.org