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Prairie Parkway Addition-Moorhead, MN

The Prairie Parkway Addition is a new, 29-acre residential subdivision located in Moorhead, Minnesota south of Interstate 94, along 40th Avenue South.  The first addition of Prairie Parkway includes 93 residential lots, along with a larger lot in the northeast corner of the subdivision that is designated for apartments.  There are two large lots on the south side of the subdivision that are designated for mixed use purposes and will be developed during future phases. 

The development of Prairie Parkway included connection to existing city sanitary and storm sewer systems and Moorhead Public Service water-main system.  Each residential lot will be served by new 1” water services and 4” sanitary services.  Rear yard drainage will be provided for every lot, which includes sump pump connections for houses with basement.  New asphalt roadways, as well as 10-foot multi-use paths and 5-foot sidewalks, were designed to interconnect Prairie Parkway with existing areas of the community. 
Design of this subdivision involved coordination between the developer, Moorhead Engineering Department, and Moorhead Public Service to create a subdivision layout that created a new and unique neighborhood in the Moorhead area.