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Riverwalk Development Grant

Did you know there are many grants that you can apply for that can help with your project needs? Lowry Engineering worked alongside Riverwalk Developers to apply for the Garrison Diversion Conservancy District Grant for Riverwalk Addition in Hillsboro, ND. The grant is a program for projects located within the Garrison Diversion Conservancy District in the state of North Dakota that provides outdoor recreation opportunities. Fund from this program have been awarded to others in the past to help install new playground equipment, develop campground facilities, walking paths, boat ramps/docks, picnic facilities, and many other outdoor activities.

With Lowry Engineering’s help, Riverwalk Developers received $89,000 from the GDCD for a trail that will go through the development. The concrete trail will surround a proposed fishing pond and interconnect the park to a future housing development. From there, the trail will connect to a gravel trail that will run along the Goose River, north of the park. The hope for the future is to extend the trail to Mayville, ND, which is 18.4 miles from Hillsboro, and also connect under I-29 to the existing trail that leads to the golf course. This connection will give the community a safe way to access recreation facilities on both sides of the interstate.

Construction on Riverwalk Addition will begin this summer. To find out more information on the development, visit www.riverwalkdevelopment.com