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Whispering Creek Apartments

The development of Whispering Creek Apartments II was a collaborative effort between Lowry Engineering, Stroh Architects, Great States Construction, and the City of Fargo. This apartment building was an addition to the existing Whispering Creek Complex, which provides housing for the 55+ community in Fargo. This site is located across the street from the existing apartments and coincidently, had different zoning restrictions which did not allow for the proposed use.

Lowry Engineering coordinated with the city on changing the zoning of the lot, as well as removing portions of negative access easements to create additional entrances to the lot.

The building footprint utilizes underground parking. Extra caution was taken in the grading design to avoid any potential flooding to the underground parking area. New sanitary, private fire, and water services were some of the additional utilities that were designed.

To meet city requirements for stormwater discharge, we also designed a stormwater detention system. This system utilized over two dozen rain leaders, multiple types of inlets, an orifice structure, a stormwater quality structure, and two interconnected detention ponds.