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NDDOT Mill & Overlay - Enderlin, ND

mill and overlay, Enderlin, ND

Lowry Engineering performed the construction inspection on NDDOT’s tied mill & overlay projects on highways 46 & 32 west of Enderlin. The project consisted of a ±600’ subcut area where the contractor removed 3’ of subgrade material from beneath the roadway on a hill near the Sheyenne River and replaced it with three layers of gravel and geogrid to provide support and prevent future sliding. The remaining 19 miles of roadway was milled 1–2” and replaced with 3” of new asphalt. Other work included installing miscellaneous items such as permanent pavement marking, rumble strips, and signage. Staff members completed daily tasks such as: traffic control inspection, recorded diaries of the contractor’s activities, personnel, and equipment used, measured and documented all bid items installed, communicated with the contractor’s project manager and NDDOT Project Engineer, scheduled required survey and materials testing, and created weekly progress reports. The contractor was required to complete additional work under a change order. During this time Lowry Engineering kept detailed records of all activities occurring onsite to be used in cost negotiations between NDDOT and the contractor.